• 28.05.2018 LTF
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  • 23.04.2018 First meeting in Liquidity Task Force
    2018-05-23 9:30:0 Welcome to the first meeting in the liquidity task force. Wednesday May 23rd in Oslo We will [...]
  • 23.04.2018 NAET FEMA with EMIR Revision
    Amended FEMA contract FEMA EMIR Annex Annex Guidance Note EMIR Sideletter Schedule and execution pages NAET Co [...]
  • 14.02.2018 Annual Meeting 2018
    2018-04-18 20:0:0 Download Boards Report 2017 Download Program Berlin 2018 [ninja_forms id=9]
  • 09.10.2017 Comments from NAET Autumn Meeting
    Comments about the Nordic Power market and liquidity from NAET's autumn meeting in Oslo   “Slightly wor [...]
  • 26.09.2017 from precipitation to Xi Jinping
        In my time in the industry we have gone from rain drops to Xi Jinping. What has happened to the [...]