NAET meets with SSM to discuss information policy
NAET (The Nordic Association of Electricity Traders) had a meeting with SSM (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority) on the 6th of October. SSM was represented by the the Director of Communication, Anneli Hällgren and the Head of Division for Reactor Technology, Lars Skånberg. NAET was represented by chairman of the board, Petri Eväsoja (Fortum Power & Heat) and board member, Jens Nordberg (Göteborg Energi Din El).
The meeting was originated from the incident of information leakage the 14th of September in connection with the decision that the reactors Forsmark 3 and Oskarshamn 3 may be restarted and operated until 30th of September 2010. The information leakage was not regarding the outcome of the decision, but rather regarding the timing of the decision. NAET expressed criticism regarding how this matter was handled and stressed the fact that it affects our member’s everyday life. The meeting did not, however, focus on that incident but rather on the importance of all market participants receiving this kind of information at the same time.
We believe that SSM takes NAET’s concern regarding this issue very seriously. SSM will go through their routines carefully and see if there is room for some improvements, but also stressed that there will always be room for mistakes due to human error. SSM was also concerned that so many market participants frequently call them to get members of the staff to reveal too much information. NAET want to emphasize that a prerequisite for a well functioning market is that all market participants receive information like this at the same time. We believe that all attempts to obtain non-official information from SSM is in fact attempts to obtain inside information and all trading based on this information is strictly prohibited.
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The Nordic Association of Electricity Traders is a non-profit organization that was established in 1996 by companies active in the Nordic Power Market. Our mission is “to make the world’s best power market better”. NAET has about 60 member companies representing different kinds of market players such as power producers, distributors, industrial companies and financial institutions.
NAET’s focus is on two key issues; liquidity and transparency on the Nordic Power Market.