Annual Meeting , Warzaw April  4th

Boards Report 2018


The venue in Warsaw has been Decided to be Sofitel Warsaw Victoria :

Wednesday will be reserved for a MAR traing workshop by Entrima, This is free for all NAET members who wish to attend!

Agenda Wednesday 3rd

11:00-12:00 Buffet lunch and registration

12:00-17:00 MAR training course:

Section 1: Introduction

o MAR overview – Background & scope

o REMIT – Guidance, monitoring & jurisprudence

 Section 2: MAR and REMIT rules

o Interaction with MiFID II – Definition of financial instruments

o How does MAR apply to emission rights?

o Inside information – What is it and how does one handle it?

 Section 3: Case studies

o Considering abuse cases

o Manipulative schemes

o Spoofing & layering are on top of the agenda of authorities

o Cross-market manipulation, marking the close, et al

o Indicators of possible abuse

 Section 4: Effective Monitoring

o PPAET versus PPAT

o STOR versus STR

o Key monitoring elements: organisation, process & technology

 Section 5: Exam

 Multiple choice examination


 Passed candidates will be certified for both MAR and REMIT

19.00 Dinner:  U Fukeria 

Agenda Thursday April 4th


09.00   Reminder of Relevant Compliance Issues, TBA

09.05   The NAET Board Greets Welcome and Annual meeting

10:15   Coffe break

10:30   Polish and Baltic powermarkets, consumption and electrification – Lukasz Bentkowski, PGE

 11.30   Liquidity task force with Nasdaq – Trond Strøm, NAET board

 11.45   Lunch    

13.00   Short term power market 15min to one week – Petri Evasoja, Fortum

13.45   Blockchain technology relevance and limitations – Astyanax Kanakakis, Norbloc

 14.30   Coffee

 14.45   Brexit and emission – Yan Qin, Refinitiv

15.15   AI/Machinelarning – Thomas F. Angelero, IBM



19.00   Dinner; DomWodki